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Tokyo’s for-anime-fans hair salon


Back in the spring, a group of innovative hair stylists launched a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of opening a hair salon in Akihabara, Tokyo’s anime and electronics district. The project was a success, raising more than double the 300,000 yen it was seeking, and so on October 1, OFF-KAi!! …

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Japanology Plus – Akihabara Ep


Akihabara, with its mix of gadgets and geekdom, is a one-of-a-kind experience. Shops selling everything electronic from appliances to cutting-edge robots crowd its streets. Japan’s famous video game and anime subcultures are another big part of Akihabara. And in recent years, numerous pop idols have launched their careers here. Our …

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[Best] Things To Do in Akihabara for an Otaku


10 Best Things To Do in Akihabara for an Otaku Hub Japan Published 4 months ago We already know that Akihabara is the heaven not only for electronic shoppers but also a paradise for Otaku. If manga, anime, and games are what make you fall in love with Japan, then …

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Akihabara Geeks Documentary


Take a trip to the Tokyo neighborhood where electronics and anime aficionados satisfy their cravings for the very latest in video games, manga, and high-tech computers in this documentary that offers the next best thing to wandering the streets of Akihabara.

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Cafe Asan


With hammock-style chairs, free wi-fi and plugs for computers and smartphones, this is a popular cafe with the digital generation. Manga and anime are a subtle design theme here, all fitting for Akiba, but the real draw are the made-to-order souffle hotcakes, deliciously sweet treats that are well worth waiting …

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Game character pancake art


Even if you’re not ordinarily a very artistic person, we bet you get a spark of inspiration when you’ve got a pancake on your plate. Who hasn’t drawn a doodle or sketched a smiley face in maple syrup, or at least initialed their flapjacks with the sticky, tasty condiment? After …

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Best of Tokyo


1. Tokyo Station – Ramen Street/Character Street [Food & Drink] [Shopping] park.tachikawaonline.jp kuropagu.exblog.jp Tokyo Station is the entrance way to Tokyo for a lot of tourists, and in its underground shopping center you can enjoy modern Japanese culture. In Tokyo Ramen Street, there are 8 popular ramen restaurants that always …

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Hello world!

WordPress へようこそ。これは最初の投稿です。編集もしくは削除してブログを始めてください !

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