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Enjoy Japan Tourism to the Fullest: Guide to the Easy, Convenient and Free Wi-Fi Service

Easy, convenient connection How to connect? Where can I use the service?

Free Wi-Fi Japan supported by NTT EAST is a Free Wi-Fi service in the eastern Japan area.
Visitors to Japan can use NTT East Free Wi-Fi for up to 14 days, completely free of charge, on presentation of your passport.

The service is available in a wide range of areas inside and outside Tokyo, including: Tokyo, Hakone, Mt. Fuji, Yokohama, Nagano, Nikko, Kusatsu, Tohoku, Hokkaido, and lots more!

You can enjoy free W-Fi in half of Japan through just one ID!

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FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORT is a free Wi-Fi service provided by SoftBank that allows tourists visiting Japan to use SoftBank’s Wi-Fi hotspot locations (most in Japan*1). Enjoy high-speed and efficient Internet service at approximately 400,000 hotspots in Japan. The service is available at restaurants, cafes, major train stations, hotels and other locations in Japan with this mark.


Search Wi-Fi Hotspots

  • *1
    Among public wireless LAN network access points provided by mobile communication carriers in Japan. As of May 30, 2014. Based on studies by SoftBank.

Terms of Use

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Important Notes

  1. To protect against abuse (such as cyber crime) by malicious user, this service adopts ID/PW authentication.
    By registering individual user’s cellular phone number as the ID, we will identify a user of malicious Wi-Fi communication when necessary.
  2. This Wi-Fi service is not encrypted. Please use this service after taking into consideration of a security risk.


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Important notice

  • FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORT (hereafter “this Service”) is a free service that provides tourists visiting Japan to use SoftBank hotspots.
  • The Service has no charge and can be used for 2 weeks (the Service can be used continuously by obtaining a new password).
  • In order to use this Service, the customer must provide their mobile phone number, password, gender and age group.
  • Mobile devices that do not support W-CDMA cannot be used.
  • The Service may not be available depending on your contract with your mobile provider, for instance prepaid contracts.
  • Audio guidance is available in English, Chinese and Korean.
  • Up to 5 devices can be connected.
  • Information as of June 2015.

Usage Guide

Please download the guide from the following URL before visiting Japan for your convenience.

FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORTは訪日外国人向けサービスです。

FREE Wi-Fi PASSPORT is a service intended for foreigners/tourists visiting Japan.

  • ※Movement of the map is possible.

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