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[Best] Anime Shops In Akihabara

Akihabara is well known to be anime town but also electric street. Here is handpicked recommended anime shops in Akihabara.



One of the invigorating anime shops of akihabara is hardly 10 minutes away from akihabara station. The prime shop you get to witness after stepping out of akihabara station is the gamers store filled with fun frolic activities.

The store embraces you with stuffs like seasonal anime, computer books and a sprawling category of anime. Well there is an incredible amount of contemporary anime magazines conglomerated up.

gamer 1

The mountain like seven stores encompasses stuffs like “beautiful girl” anime and a massive range of voice actor merchandise.

The stocks piles up from multifarious range of items like DVD’s, CD and magazines in vogue.

gamer 3

Japanese magazines have always been crowd pleasing with their adorable elucidation among foreigners.

To get enlighten with Japan otaku culture you a manga corner is provided where shelves are jam-packed with abreast manga.

gamer 4

Apart from magazines you will also find parsimonious stationeries, modish attires, inexpensive crockery’s and delicious cookies like kabe –don cookie.

Two type of scrumptious cookies are found that is chocolate strawberry flavored and white flavored cookie to which a person cannot resist himself from gorging upon.



The mesmerizing store is especially dedicated to female customers.

Girls are fond of this store because of the prime preference given to them. The shop is described to be a paradise for those who are “fujoshi” means a self ridiculing term for freaky female of manga which elucidates love story or romantic relation between men.

animate 2

The store comprises of multifarious ingredients like seasonal anime good, latest magazines and manga.

You will also be confronted with an exclusive corner featuring “Meiji Tokyo renka” and “uta no price Sama”.

animate 1

Well it is astonishing as well as bizarre to see that the largest selling section of this store is attributed to homosexual or homoerotic novels and manga and it is supposed to be a popular culture following subculture.


toranoana store

Barely two minutes away from Chu –o street is located a much publicized toranoana shop which is bifurcated into 3 buildings A, B and C.

“Doujin- shi” encompassing hilarious comic books, high quality novels and magazines can be found in building A.

toranoana 1

Building B is dedicated to sprawling section of latest DVD’s, cd and blu –rays.

The price of the stuff sold is within common man range and of high quality making him avail sumptuous stuff at an economical rate.

toranaa 2

Building C houses gigantic collection of greenhorn anime goods and is located on third floor of akihabara sofmap.

The anime goods have an unprecedented quality which proliferates its beauty.



The first floor is crammed with people who desire to sell different anime or games that they have freaked out with as you can garner some yen and proceed with anyone pinching your pocket.

On second floor you will be embraced with pleasing costumes, accessories and plethora of dolls. You will be rejoiced to see some bizarre stuff like cell images, autograph and concerts.


Third floor will drive you through the world of incredible manga ranging from contemporary to classic.

The exciting mangas like hunter x hunter, sailor moon, detective Conan, slam dunk, one piece and naruto are looking forward for you.


Fourth floor greets you with umpteen of amateur manga that comprises of CDs, computer games and funny comic books.

Fifth floor is entirely devoted to female audience that has plethora of doujinshi written for them.


Sixth floor seems to be completely inundated with latest video games, cd, disks and catridges. Ranging from antiquated to the one in vogue you will find everything. Even it also features anime too. Rows are piled up with the anime that you could not even imagine.


Seventh floor reminisces you of the toys or models or card games that you abandoned but still desire to have it. The floor is filled with a mammoth collection of plastic models and action figures.

You will be exalted to find the toys that you have known and adored them for years and years.Eighth floor is packed with contemporary and extravagant toys that will rejuvenate you. The floor renders a classic collection of popular toys.


anime center

The Tokyo anime center is one of the matchless facility rendered to unload plethora of anime to the residents of Japan. The center is located in UDX building and is always filled with fun frolic activities and events.

The second floor offers a variety of lucrative products even for those people who detest anime.


Latest movies are being shown through the large monitors installed inside the main space of the Tokyo anime center.

The center hosts events, exhibition throughout the year and also includes akiba 3d theatre, toys shops and delicious souvenirs.


kotobukiyama 1

The kotobukiya shop is bifurcated into five floors flooding with manga, anime, stationeries and souvenir snacks.

First floor encompasses products like monster hunter shop, yotsuba and danbo store, danganronpa, attack on titan, evangelion, dragon quest, final fantasy and akihabara souvenirs.

kotobukiya (3)

Second floor comprises products like tale of shop, prince of tennis,. Granrodeo, ghibli, vitamin series, creamy mami, sailor moon and anime .

Third floor is overflowing with products like love live kantai collection, tbs agency shop, cu-poche, display case, steins; gate and figma.

Fourth floor is flooded with products like HMM zoids, armed core, frame arm, muv-luv, artfx, tokusatsu; super robot wars og and tools. Fifth floor is reserved for organizing multifarious events.



A massive nine storey building is stacked up with tons and tons of anime related goods. You will be embraced by the building just outside the akihabara station.

The store also comprises multifarious figure shops specialized in mammoth figures while some featuring tiny gachapon figures.



It also encompasses stuff like figurines, models, costumes and fanzines which soars up the bar of the shop.

Although the name of the shop is radio kaikan but it has nothing to do with the radio.

Apart from this you will also find some shop engrossed in striking out a deal on article like adorable dolls and umpteen of k- books.

8. LIBERTY #13


At a stone’s throw from radio kaikan building you will find liberty #13 which is another anime merchandise store situated in the scintillating town of akihabara.

This store primarily focuses on clinching the deal on large figures rather than focusing on small figures.


This could be one of the auspicious places for you if you desire to have the games that were in lottery or cranes. This place might be fortunate for such type of customers.



The almighty of the anime store and figures in akihabara is liberty #8. Sprawling across six floors the first floor features awesome wares. One of the floors is entirely devoted to mammoth anime and game figures.

Robot toys, models, Japanese super heroes and monster are some other stuff which you can discover at a particular floor making yourself completely rejuvenated and exhilarated.

The store also encompasses gaming section making it a complete entertainment package for the customers ranging from classic to the one which is trending.



Synchronising with radio kaikan the building is jam packed with small anime related shop.

The first floor is flooding with tons and tons of contemporary anime stuff and the other three floors are filled with cards and model shops.


It is one of the astonishing zones for customers to discover modish anime article and you can find yourself cordoned off with the anime goods that makes you exulted.

source: 8miners

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