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Bloomberg’s video makes Japanese business etiquette


Common sense will actually keep you pretty safe when navigating the“etiquette minefield” of a job interview in Japan. A long, long time ago, when young Californian Casey would mention that he someday hoped to live in Japan, he’d often have classmates and teachers tell him how incredibly difficult that would …

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Everything you need to know about sushi restaurants


Many of us dream of eating authentic sushi in Japan. But do you know the proper decorum for ordering? How about paying the bill? And what’s the difference between nigiri and narezushi, anyway? The folks over at Swissotel Nakai Osaka have kindly shared with us a set of stylishly designed infographics designed …

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2nd Akihabara Film Festival 2017


The 2nd Akiba Film Festival will be held from 1-3 April 2017 at the Akihabara UDX Theater. 13 movies will be shown at the festival, from which 5 can be watched with live-at-the-venue dubbing. It is rare for festivals around the world to show live dubbing. Beginning with Shin Godzilla, …

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New makeup-free cafe set to open in Tokyo next month


Whether you like maids, muscles, anime, birds, or sleeping on $9,000 beds, there’s a themed cafe ready to accommodate your tastes in Japan. With so many unusual concepts and settings on offer, it can be hard for a new cafe to stand out amongst its competitors, but one new establishment is doing just …

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Ladybeard cosplays as perfect Chun-Li for Comiket


We’ve seen Ladybeard, everyone’s favorite little girl trapped in a hairy man’s body, do a wide variety of things. He’s become the star of a metal/pop group, fought Sailor Suit Old Man in a wrestling match, and even shown off his carpeted chest in a boob shirt. But there’s one …

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Sakura 2017: Japan cherry blossom forecast


Find out when the sakura are set to blossom and peak around Japan this year. Every year, as the plum blossoms begin to bloom in winter, people start wondering when the nation’s other iconic flower will start appearing, this time on the branches of sakura trees around the country. Cherry blossom …

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how Japanese men and women think of women’s body types


Artist thinks men have a much narrower view of what’s attractive. Japanese artist and Twitter user Suremi has caught our eyes on multiple times with her illustrated and insightful looks at women’s lives in modern Japan. In the past, she’s shared her thoughts on the types of photos Japanese girls can’t …

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Starbucks Japan sakura kit for 2017


The global coffeehouse chain gives us a taste of spring with two new beverages and a drinkware range containing over thirty cherry blossom-themed items. Starbucks has been known to delight customers in Japan throughout the seasons with a number of tasty and creative Frappuccino releases, but there’s one very special limited-edition range that everyone scrambles to get their hands …

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Green tea Cup Noodle instant ramen


Ramen and green tea are two of the best things to make if you’ve got a pot of hot water, and now you can have both at once. After the amazingly thorough Cup Noodles/Final Fantasy XV cross-promotion, you’d think the creative minds at Nissin, maker of Japan’s most popular brand …

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I Like Orange Juice!” new release from Piko Taro


If 2016 was the year of apples and pineapples, 2017 looks set to be the year of orange juice. If one of your goals was to turn over a new leaf and resist watching Piko Taro videos in 2017, prepare to break that New Year’s resolution right now because the performer …

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