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e☆earphone: A Virtual Theme Park of Earphones and Headphones

Do you know that? If you bought a new earphone & headphones…you listened the sound quality of the music that you usually listen to…is totally different. Only e☆earphone could do as for the speciality in earphone & headphone. It is e☆earphone Akihabara store” We have more than approximately 3,000 kinds from a new article to rare used goods of the earphone & headphones as audition free to every visitors. It is a point that you will buy it after really having all products played/auditioned before buying.



A canal type earphone is popular recently. This is 「Layla」of popularity highest grade model from the brand of “JH AUDIO”  (323,640 yen, tax includes it). Of course you’ll be able to try to listen to connected the high-resolution audio player before buying.


Wireless earphone types are more popular in recent trend. It supports these Bluetooth and can enjoy music by wireless in conjunction with a High-Reso player or a smartphone.


e☆earphone handle not only the high-quality goods but also the cheap goods abundantly. These are ranking information of the earphones of the price range of 10,000 yen level that a sales staff chooses & recommendation.


A cable for exchange corresponding to the standard that became often adopted to a high-end earphone. Sound quality changes just only to exchange a cable!


It is important point to check the earphone tip to in an ear before you get a canal type earphone as same as cable. The important point is a feeling of fitting with the earphone. Repair and the customized found only in specialized store e☆earphone.


e☆earphone is theme park of earphones & headphones & mammoth retailer & selling not only the earphone & headphone but also the High-Resolution player from used to brand new goods abundantly.



The stock of used products are limited, so first come first served!


It is important point when you get used things and should check is whether “you hear a sound normally”. e☆earphone shows the status such as written having cabinet and bundling equipment or not to all used goods, so e☆earphone is reliable.


There is the e☆earphone clinic which can repair the broken earphone & headphones you bring them. e☆earphone repair the small damage on the spot. Please ask to the store staff about the time that repair takes.


NAME : e☆earphone Akihabara store
ADDRESS : Tokyo Kanda eight Building 4F, 4-6-7 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
HOURS OF OPERATION : 11:00~20:00
TEL : +81-3-3256-1701

Source: beacon-akiba.com

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