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Samurai with jet packs have a mid-air katana battle in Japan

The air-to-air swordfights of anime and video games are now possible in the real world too.

A few years ago, Japanese actor, director, and inventor Shota Mori achieved his ambition of creating a device so he could pop a concealed smartphone out of his sleeve like a secret agent. Having turned that dream into a reality at just 30 years old, however, Mori realized he still had plenty of time to turn his eyes to a new goals.

One of those goals, awesomely, was to stage mid-air jet pack samurai sword duels. Well, technically, we should say that was one of his goals, because he’s done it.

The two swordsmen begin their fight with their blades crossed and their feet on the ground. But then smoke billows from the canisters strapped to their backs, and they float into the air before they start slashing at one another.

It stands to reason that you don’t bother to add jet packs to your bladed vendetta unless you’re really serious about settling the score, and eventually the samurai clad in the darker kimono and hakama cuts down his rival. Since he’s still got some juice left in his flying apparatus, after the victor sheathes his blade he flies off, literally looking down on his fallen opponent.

Source: IT Media
Images: Twitter/@SoftBank

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