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TokyoStreetView: Akihabara! (4K VIDEO)

If there is one place in Tokyo that does not need any introduction here, it is undoubtedly the Akihabara district!

It was after the second world war that Akihabara became Tokyo’s hottest market for electronics and other household goods, but it wasn’t until around 1980 that Akihabara started to become the place to go for all your computer needs.

Today, you can see that Akihabara has again shifted its focus in other directions, including cheap duty free stores, cosplay cafes, anime, and manga. As a result, at least as far as electronics go, the Akihabara that we all loved in the early 2000’s is mostly gone, and now pretty much everything can be ordered online and shipped internationally.

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He’s totally right. The times they have changed, for all of us, in a big, big way.
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Beautiful Japan; a Love Story. 
Japan is a world apart from everything you know. It’s a place like no other, built on centuries of tradition and unrivaled attention to detail. Japan is a cultural Galapagos out of reach for many, and it often remains an untouched mystery even for the lucky few who’ve come to call it their home.

A True Contemplative Experience. 
TokyoStreetView is born of a passion for life in Japan, and the series aims to offer others around the world a chance to enjoy a bias-free experience of its many wonders. Unlike other videos you may find on Japan, TokyoStreetView’s are purely contemplative: our camera(s) are your eyes and our tripod is your chair, just sit with us, relax, and let an amazing world unfold in front of you in a succession of short ~10-second sequences of RAW 4K video.

We hope our passion for this mesmerizing country will touch your heart, and, through our videos, you’ll feel some of the wonder we held from the first day we set foot on this beautiful archipelago.


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