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All for just 10 bucks at this Tokyo restaurant


If you’re hungry, strapped for cash and indecisive, this Akihabara restaurant is for you. Few places in Tokyo are better equipped to separate you from your money than Akihabara. The neighborhood is block after block of stores selling electronics, anime merchandise, and Japanese souvenirs, with wares being at a variety of prices that can drain budgets …

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Best Izakaya in Akihabara For Your Fun Nightlife!


One of the best ways to explore the nightlife in Japan in general and in Akihabara in specific is to spend the night drinking and eating snacks in Izakaya! These Izakayas below provide all the options you need, from private room, all you can drink menu, and much more. 1. …

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Everything you need to know about sushi restaurants


Many of us dream of eating authentic sushi in Japan. But do you know the proper decorum for ordering? How about paying the bill? And what’s the difference between nigiri and narezushi, anyway? The folks over at Swissotel Nakai Osaka have kindly shared with us a set of stylishly designed infographics designed …

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The 10 Best Meat-Centric Restaurants in Akihabara


Akihabara is one of Tokyo’s most famous places, attracting tourists from all over the world with its Electric Town, anime culture, and various oddities and curiosities. Since taking in all the sights and experiences makes you hungry, we have skimmed Akihabara for the very best meat-centric restaurants, serving delicacies from …

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New limited-edition Pringles feature iconic Japanese flavours


  Now once you pop, you get to enjoy some popular meals from Japan. Pringles’ saddle-shaped chips have come a long way in terms of flavour since they were developed by Procter & Gamble and created by an American chemist in the 50s. While the chips-in-a-can concept remains unchanged, the variety of flavours has grown to …

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[Best] Akihabara best ramen shops


Japanese ramen is known as having the most various version depends on the Prefecture it’s originated from. Even that, in one Prefecture and location, can have a wide range of different ramen shops. If you come to Akihabara or Tokyo, be sure to check in these shops: 1. Ikina Isshou …

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