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Itasha Anime Car 2017

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Alexi visits the ”Itasha Heaven” event at Odaiba and attempts to explain what these waifu-wrapped itasha are to normal people while attempting to conceal his true power level.

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The JK business: Documentary examines the Japanese schoolgirl industry


 ■ High school girls galore in Akihabara To explore the JK business, Vice News reporter Simon Ostrovsky heads to the district of Akihabara, Tokyo’s mecca of electronics and all things manga and anime. While Akihabara is generally known for its profusion of otaku goods and maid cafes, the JK business is …

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How to use Japanese toilet bidets【Video】


Don’t let the machines do all the work! Learn how to take control of your butthole’s destiny with these demonstrations. As one of Japan’s largest telecommunications providers, DoCoMo is primarily concerned with making sure its customers have reliable smartphone service coverage so they can make phone calls and access the …

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DIgital Akihabara Night Video


What is Akihabara? Over the past 10-20 years, a rather profound change has occurred both in reputation and on-the-ground reality of our namesake, the iconic Tokyo neighborhood known as Akihabara. In many ways, it’s is exactly what you might expect, but that varies considerably depending on one’s generational point of …

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TokyoStreetView: Akihabara! (4K VIDEO)


If there is one place in Tokyo that does not need any introduction here, it is undoubtedly the Akihabara district! It was after the second world war that Akihabara became Tokyo’s hottest market for electronics and other household goods, but it wasn’t until around 1980 that Akihabara started to become …

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Akihabara Profiled to Yamanote Platform Melody (VIDEO)


TOKYO TRAIN TUNES Episode #5: Akihabara Station, Presented by DIGITALHUB.JP From the Creators: Soundtracked by each station’s Yamanote platform melody, TOKYO TRAIN TUNES (YouTube • Facebook Video) are fun, universally shareable shorts that highlight standout features and landmarks unique to each neighborhood. These are super fun to make, and we …

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What Anime Do Japanese People Like?


We asked people in Akihabara what anime they liked. The most popular one was Love Live but we had some unexpected answers. Re:zero and Idolmaster were also popular.

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