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New Japanese Kit Kat World’s first natural ruby chocolate

Made from ruby cocoa beans, this new “fourth type of chocolate” promises a whole new Kit Kat flavour experience.

Nestlé Japan has been delighting its local customers for years, with all sorts of limited-edition Kit Kats raising the bar in the chocolate world time and time again. Now, they’re out to conquer the international market with a stunning new release that will go on sale in Japan on 19 January, and this one is so special they’ve decided to release it in other countries later this year.

What makes this Kit Kat so unique is the fact that it’s made from ruby chocolate. Dubbed the “fourth type of chocolate” by Barry Callebau, the Zurich-based company that developed it, ruby chocolate is being hailed as the first new type of natural chocolate to appear in over 80 years.

▼ Ruby chocolate is the world’s newest variety of chocolate,
joining dark, milk, and white chocolate varieties.

Sourced from the Ruby cocoa bean, this new chocolate has a natural reddish colour and a berry fruitiness. Innovative processes were developed over a number of years to extract the special flavours from the bean, which needs no added colouring or berry flavouring to create the end product.

Having introduced the world to white chocolate with their Galak bar back in 1930, Nestlé was quick to get on board with the new ruby chocolate, signing up for a partnership with Barry Callebau to incorporate the product into a unique Kit Kat.

Antoine de Saint-Affrique, the CEO of Barry Callebaut, released this statement ahead of the new release:

“I am very pleased that our innovative breakthrough ruby chocolate has come to life so quickly through our partnership with Nestle and the pioneering Kit Kat brand in Japan. Nestle was very quick in spotting the trend and in introducing a ruby chocolate version of Kit Kat, which will entice consumers across Asia and beyond.”

Yasumasa Takagi, the Japanese patissier behind Kit Kat’s innovative limited-edition releases, was at the helm for this creation as well, saying:

“I have created an especially simple Kit Kat that allows you to enjoy the characteristic fruity fragrance and subtle acidity of ruby cacao to the fullest. Enjoy wonderful flavours that have never been experienced before.”

The new “Ruby Sublime Kit Kat” is now ready to be released, with a limited quantity of 5,000 bars available online and at Japan’s Kit Kat Chocolatory boutique stores from 19 January. Each single bar will be sold for 400 yen (US$3.60).

From 1 February, the Ruby Kit Kat will be sold in two assorted packs, available to purchase online, at the Kit Kat Chocolatory boutique stores, and at 80 special pop-up stores around the country, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

▼ The five-piece Valentine’s Assortment, containing Sublime Bitter, Milk, White, and Ruby, will retail for 1,800 yen.

▼ While the seven-piece Valentine’s Assortment, containing Sublime Bitter, Milk, White, Matcha, Raw, and Ruby, will retail for 2,400 yen.

According to the company, the new Kit Kat will also be sold at their Chocolatory boutique stores in Korea in the the near future, followed by a rollout to other countries at a later date.

Seeing as the new Ruby chocolate is exclusive to Kit Kat for at least six months, you’ll want to get in quick to be one of the first to taste the new chocolate before it sells out in Japan. And if you happen to stop by a Chocolatory store this month, you’ll be able to pick up another gem-inspired Kit Kat, with Garnet being their current Birthstone Collection release.

Source, images: Nestlé Japan

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