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Travel through Japanese festivals and tourist sites in 8K

You’ll want to watch this astounding video more than once to soak in all the beauty they’ve packed into two-and-a-half minutes.

We’re no strangers to the power of a good camera. Last year’s 4K introductory video to San’in prefecture, with its gorgeous foliage and eerily perfect beaches, set an incredibly high standard. Now, Akita-based cinematics company Armadas is here to push that standard doubly high, with eye-searing, gorgeous shots from a number of locales around Japan – in 8K resolution!

Armadas partnered with Nakanihon Air Service to get these breathtaking aerial views from all around Japan. Naturally, we start out with our favorite and most famous of the Japanese mountains, Mt. Fuji. Standing proudly between Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures, this titanic peak is one of the beautiful landmarks of the country, even when missing its signature cap of snow. But what an angle to admire it from!

We transition to Goryokaku Park in Hakodate, known for the fleeting beauty of its cherry blossoms and the permanent beauty of its fort.

▼ Here you can see both Hakodate highlights at once!

The fort was built in the 19th century and has a unique star shape that can be best appreciated from above. We’re in luck, then! The camera lovingly captures every fluttering petal of cherry blossom and highlights the geometric charms of the fort too.

Moving swiftly on, our new desination is the verdant wilderness of Yakushimaan island just off of the coast of Kyushu.

▼ This little friend looks like something right out of a Ghibli movie, but real, and in high-def.

The dense forests of cedar trees famously inspired Hayao Miyazaki with his animated masterpiece, Princess Mononoke – and it isn’t hard to see why from the shots we see in the video. Monkeys ruminate, deer pick their way over the rocky floor and the waterfalls gush in powerful, constant sprays. Yakushima doesn’t feature in many English-language holiday brochures, but every holiday sees Japanese nationals head there to enjoy its sub-tropical delights.

Next, we’re treated to a front-row seat to one of Toyokawa’s Tezutsu festivals: patrons are treated to a spectacular show where fireworks artisans from each district bring their handcrafted cannons and fire them, in hopes it will protect the city from misfortune. The video even gives us a fly-on-the-wall eyeful of the creative process before said cannons are fired.

▼ All of those firework cannons are handmade!

As the video winds down, it’s time for the RED Weapon 8K camera to train its eye on the capital city.

▼ How many Tokyo landmarks can you spot from up here?

Even a classic shot like Tokyo’s skyline looks jaw-dropping from this unique angle, and the high resolution creates a dreamlike effect as though you’re truly soaring through the sky above it. The video concludes with a series of nightscape views from the places we’ve toured in the previous minutes, and before you know it, it’s over.

Once you’ve whet your appetite for high-quality tourism footage, it’s hard to stop with just one video. Make sure to stop by the HD video library to scout out Japan’s most scenic hotspots, and then unwind in the Onsen town in Guma. You might want to make sure you’re alone before you watch Saga’s take on hyper-realistic ads, but they’re stuffed full of sensual… scenery, and come highly recommended.

Source: YouTube/Armadas via Japaaan
Images: YouTube/Armadas

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