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Best Izakaya in Akihabara For Your Fun Nightlife!


One of the best ways to explore the nightlife in Japan in general and in Akihabara in specific is to spend the night drinking and eating snacks in Izakaya! These Izakayas below provide all the options you need, from private room, all you can drink menu, and much more. 1. …

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The 10 Best Meat-Centric Restaurants in Akihabara


Akihabara is one of Tokyo’s most famous places, attracting tourists from all over the world with its Electric Town, anime culture, and various oddities and curiosities. Since taking in all the sights and experiences makes you hungry, we have skimmed Akihabara for the very best meat-centric restaurants, serving delicacies from …

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10 Fun Free Things to Do in Akihabara


Akihabara, the otaku capital of Japan, is a great place to spend a few hours—whether you’re into anime or not. Between the crazily colorful multi-storey shops, the maids on the side of the street, and the hole-in-wall cafes and restaurants, it’s an experience that you won’t forget … ever. Here …

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[Best] Akihabara best ramen shops


Japanese ramen is known as having the most various version depends on the Prefecture it’s originated from. Even that, in one Prefecture and location, can have a wide range of different ramen shops. If you come to Akihabara or Tokyo, be sure to check in these shops: 1. Ikina Isshou …

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[Best] 5 Places that Gundam Fans Must Visit in Japan


So you’re a Gundam fan who is planning your next Japan trip, and you’re looking for the places that are a must-go but have no idea where? Fret not, AFA Channel! will share with you the 5 most important places every Gundam fan must go! Gundam Café The first of …

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[Best] Shopping Sights in Akihabara Electronic Town


Akihabara Electric Town is located right next to JR Akihabara Station, which is so convenience for shopping or wandering around to enjoy the modern pace of this place, below is the guide of shops that offer many things from electronics to otaku related goods. 1. Yodobashi Akihabara In Yodobashi, you …

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[Best] Anime Shops In Akihabara


Akihabara is well known to be anime town but also electric street. Here is handpicked recommended anime shops in Akihabara. 1. GAMERS STORE One of the invigorating anime shops of akihabara is hardly 10 minutes away from akihabara station. The prime shop you get to witness after stepping out of …

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[Best] Things To Do in Akihabara for an Otaku


10 Best Things To Do in Akihabara for an Otaku Hub Japan Published 4 months ago We already know that Akihabara is the heaven not only for electronic shoppers but also a paradise for Otaku. If manga, anime, and games are what make you fall in love with Japan, then …

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Best of Tokyo


1. Tokyo Station – Ramen Street/Character Street [Food & Drink] [Shopping] park.tachikawaonline.jp kuropagu.exblog.jp Tokyo Station is the entrance way to Tokyo for a lot of tourists, and in its underground shopping center you can enjoy modern Japanese culture. In Tokyo Ramen Street, there are 8 popular ramen restaurants that always …

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